Alma is more than a smart

  • Length: 88 mm, Width: 105 mm, Depth: 25 mm

  • Round edges, Glossy black color, 4 “touch screen in center, Hard wired

  • Externalsensor: Length: 50 mm, Width: 50 mm, Depth: 30 mm


State of the art artificial intelligence technology which enables automatic switch between Heating and Cooling

Alma will be able to switch from heating to cooling on its own without having to manually switch it.

Battery operated outdoor sensors to maintain most accurate indoor temperature

As the temperature outdoor increases or decreases the sensors will inform the main thermostat when to switch between Heating and Cooling.

WIFI/Bluetooth connection capability to main thermostat

No wires no mess. Clean looking and efficient. Works offline.

Compatible with Amazon echo, Siri, and Google

More AIs will be compatible with free firm updates to come

Downloadable Phone App for
Android and iPhone

Don’t want to get up to change your settings? On your way home from a trip and want to have your house nice and comfortable? With the downloadable app for Alma you will be able to set your thermostat anywhere.

4" Touch Screen

Bright, Clear and Sensitive touch screen makes changing Almas setting a breeze. Adjustable sleep time for screen.

Sleek Clean modern design

Wireless, compact, and smooth clean edges make this thermostat something that will add to your home not distract from your houses natural beauty

Front facing motion sensor for main thermostat to turn on screen

When Alma is sleeping a front facing senor will activate with any motion within 4 ft

Simple Year round programing

Alma makes setting your thermostat simple to navigate. Options to set Alma daily, weekly, monthly, and annually so no matter what you can have a nice and comfortable home.

Thermostat Sensors

Temperature, humidity and proximity senor all within Almas main thermostat.

Accessory support

Connects to your Humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator, ERV, as well as HRV

Easy to install

Alma is easy to install yourself and if you have any issues customer support is there when you need them.

“Compatible with Amazon echo, Siri, and Google”